[Hong Kong] Hong Kong delicacy, Four Seasons Pot Rice

Mar 23, 2021 | Hong Kong, Food

Amongst the must try food items in Hong Kong claypot rice in winter is one of the most favoured dishes. The one in particular that should be a must have on your itinerary is
the “Four Seasons Pot Rice” in Temple Street in Hong Kong that has more than 30 years of history can be said to be the originator of claypot rice. Their charcoal-boiled claypot rice has a tremendous fan following. Foreign tourists make special trips to visit there, and there are long queues even at night!


The menu of “Four Seasons Pot Rice” span over more than 40 flavors of claypot rice.
Some of the hot favorites are “Sausage Chicken Claypot Rice” and “White Eel Chicken Claypot Rice”. Claypot rice with sweet soy sauce, it’s a perfect healthy & tasty solution to your hunger! In addition, the “duck egg oyster cake” is also a must-eat option. The portion is sumptuous in its serving. The oysters are full and sweet, and the oyster cakes are crisp to perfection. Its taste & aroma will follow you even after you have left Hong Kong.


The claypot rice is cooked to perfection by blending the “burnt rice” with the charcoal taste. The rice of “Four Seasons Pot Rice” has an authentic taste of typical Hong Kong-style claypot rice.


“Four Seasons Pot Rice” also has a trademark Hong Kong style affiliated with it. It is different from the plush restaurants in front of buildings. The “street stalls” on Temple Street have an old reminisce Hong Kong style. It’s definitely worth going to experience. It has the essence of the traditional food culture of Hong Kong and also you can learn a bit about Hong Kong’s history!


Four Seasons Pot Rice
Address: 46-58 Yata Street, Yau Ma Tei