[Hong Kong] Handmade Nougat in Mei Foo

Oct 15, 2021 | Food, Hong Kong

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Recently, from a friend of mine gifted me a souvenir from Taiwan. It was a Taiwan-made Nougat. I was so impressed by the rich taste after trying it, I was left wanting for more and my search for perfect nougat started that same day. I tried many places but it still dint have the distinct addictive taste in any shop selling Nougat in Hong Kong as nice as that one from my friend. After trying multiple shops and being disappointed after each attempt, finally I found the perfect Nougat from “Door Door Bakery” in Mei Foo, Hong Kong! If you want to know what happiness tastes like then Handmade Nougat in Mei Foo is just the dish for you.


“Door Door Bakery” has 38 years of experience in making Nougat and all Nougats are freshly handmade! This gives them leverage in expertise at the same time curating the perfect taste at the same time which makes it an exquisite and tasty experience.


One of the must-try item in this shop is “Crispy-Nougat” (脆心鳥結), which is the best-selling Nougat! It is not too sweet, and the texture is quite chewy. In addition to the creamy rich taste, there is also a fruity aroma!


With great painstaking effort they find a perfect balance that makes their nougats soft on the outside and crispy on the inside!!!


If you visit Door Door Bakery they will blow your mind with their variety of different flavors to choose from and each one of them is definitely worth a try.


Door Door Bakery 多多餅店
Address: G/F, 65 Broadway Street, Mei Foo Sun Chuen, Hong Kong