[Hong Kong] A Hong Kong-style café in Sham Shui Po, serving traditional Hong Kong drinks and cuisines!

Dec 2, 2021 | Hong Kong, Food

If you visit Hong Kong, you must visit places that make it special! This nostalgic-themed Hong Kong-style café in Sham Shui Po is definitely one such place. Their decor and menu designs are full of traditional Hong Kong style!

Their drinks are absolutely innovative and certainly worth opting for.

The most famous item in this café, is their “Ball-ball milk tea” (波波奶茶). The ice (in ball shape) put in the drink which is made of milk tea, which also doesn’t dilute the milk tea once the ice melts!


You can taste the milk-tea-flavored ice ball directly as well!


Red Bean Fleecy with ice cream (雪糕紅豆冰) is composed of ice cream mochi, cream, and red bean. The presentation is very attractive!



Ovaltine drinks (飛仔華田) are strongly recommended too! In fact, this iced drinks is filled with chocolate biscuits, honey cereal in star-shape, plus a generous amount of creamy Ovaltine ice cream!


Even the “poker” is edible!


Lo Fung Restaurant (老鳳冰室)
Address: Shop G/F, 216 Keelung Street, Sham Shui Po