[Guangzhou] “Sacred Heart Cathedral” in Guangzhou, an ethereal heritage of French and Chinese culture

Mar 5, 2021 | China, Play

The one who kneels before God, can stand against anyone! “Sacred Heart Cathedral”
is one such place that resonates serenity & tranquility and brings you closer to God.
It was built in the late 19th century and is a prominent Roman Catholic construction in China. The cathedral was designed by French designers and built by Chinese craftsmen. It is the fourth all-stone Gothic church building in the world. All walls and pillars of the church are made of granite stone and its stand tall and robust against the test of time.

Due to its historical lineage, in 1996, “Sacred Heart Cathedral” was listed as a national key cultural relics protection unit, which is of great historical value! .


The church has a lot of ancient stone carvings, and gorgeous decorations. The design is based on medieval European architectural features, and is blended in Chinese style, which is quite unique and breathtaking! The huge arch outside the church is the symbol of the church. When you enter the church, you can admire the stained glass windows decorated with biblical scenes. There are detailed carvings on the wooden boxes and exquisite workmanship, which should be highly appreciated.


Tourist across the world have said that “Sacred Heart Cathedral” is comparable to the world-famous “Notre-Dame de Parisin” in France, so it’s a must visit place during your trip to Guangzhou. The main architect of the church is Léon Vautrin from France. The French-style church is quite aesthetic & teleports you to France while being in China!


Make your trip to China a sacred & remarkable one by visiting this picturesque yet historical and cultural monument, “Sacred Heart Cathedral” in Guangzhou!