【Australia】The flower season is here! Visit Tasmania enjoys the largest lavender flower sea in the Southern Hemisphere!

Jan 31, 2022 | Other Country, Play

Lavender is considered to be the best therapy for relaxation. A few drops of lavender oil on your pillow can guarantee you a good night’s sleep. The aroma of lavender is really enticing. If you are in search of a theraputical getaway, Tasmania is just the place for you. It has fresh air, large mountains and clear beaches. It is also the ideal place where lavender naturally blooms.


In 1921, a British perfumer, CK Denny, took French lavender seeds to Tasmania. This led Tasmania’s first lavender farm which was developed in 1924.


From December to February every year, it attracts many tourists to enjoy the lavender flowers at the Bridestowe Lavender Estate!


This field is spread over 105 hectares of about 650,000 purple flowers. Lavender blooms can be seen from a range of almost 200 kilometers!


It is really breathtakingly spectacular!
The sea of flowers is so pretty, it makes people feel healed when seeing this.


In addition, the farm also sells skin care products made from lavender. Everything from soap and hand cream to even lavender-flavored tea!


There is also a lavender-made bear that is said to be microwaveable!


Before leaving, remember to go to the hotel cafe to taste the farm’s vanilla and lavender ice cream!


<strong>Bridestowe Lavender Estate</strong>
Address: 296 Gillespies Rd, Nabowla TAS 7260, Australia
Opening hours: 早上9:00至下午6:00
Phone: +61 3 6352 8182